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Welcome to the Cartoon Page

I like cartoons so I tend to save most of them that come to me by email. But all those cartoons do not do any good sitting in a file on my computer. Sure I can go look through them from time to time when I need a laugh, but I can only share them with my physical guests. I know that others enjoy a cartoon from time to time, so I thought that this page would be a good way to share a laugh with my virtual guests!

I will be putting cartoons up in a gallery format here. There will be an index page with a thumbnail of the cartoons in the gallery. On each display page is a next link that will flip the page to the next cartoon, a previous link that will return you to the previous cartoon, and a thumbnails link that will take you back to the thumbnail page. 

I will try to sort the cartoon galleries by subject matter. I am still thinking of the various headings for the galleries.

I will probably sort out some funny pictures and make a gallery of them. I may also put up some funny videos. I will consider putting up anything that I think my visitors might enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by!!


Note: The content on these pages has come to me by email.  If you own any of the content on these pages and want it removed contact the site owner here!

If you would like credit and a link I will be happy to oblige.

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